Jul 15, 2015

How to use safely use Flash in browsers?

The Firefox browser has, at least temporarily, blocked Flash after the discovery of a serious security flaw. Actually, I should actually say yet another in a long, long line of serious security flaws. Unfortunately, many, many websites use Flash and disabling it negatively impact the online experience. Is there a way to to safely use Flash, or is Mozilla making the right call by disabling it completely?
There will be soon. Mozilla Shumway Project is intended to run flash without using the Adobe plug-in. I’m not sure when it will be released though.

In the meantime, there are unavoidable risks with Flash, as we have seen time and time again. Heck, they’ve even got Facebook calling for Adobe to announce end of life for Flash (Stamos is CSO of Facebook): https://twitter.com/alexstamos/status/620306643360706561

There is a risk if you continue to use Flash. Will you actually be a victim? Probably not….but maybe. The truly safe and secure way to use Flash at the moment is not to use Flash.
Try a browser plugin like Click to Flash that will only load Flash when you click on the overlay. That's probably your best bet if you really must keep Flash, but I recommend removing it.
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