Jul 15, 2015

Is antivirus software needed on an Android phone or tablet?

There are a lot of Antivirus apps available for Android devices (Avast, Lookout, etc.), but are they really necessary. From what I understand, the way Android works is very different from Windows and runs apps in a “sandbox,” so that there isn’t the same risk of viruses for Android as there is for Windows. Does this mean that I can safely save the storage space that would be used for an antivirus app for other uses?
Antivirus for Android — do you need it?

"So do you need extra protection against viruses and malware? Probably not. Will it hurt anything if you choose to use an app? It'll take up space on your phone, perhaps. Maybe even rob your device of some performance. (And do know that there are a number of disreputable developers out there who sell nothing more than a placebo effect.)

We say: Try if you want. But your money's better spent elsewhere."
While you are correct that most apps run within its own container, there’s still a risk of malware, spyware, etc. So potentially your device can have a key logger, eat your memory, or can utilize info from your address book as an example. I guess it depends on how carful you are with what you download.
Take a look at this article, it discusses the need for av for androids http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/do-you-need-antivirus-on-android/
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