Jul 14, 2015

Why is my Asus wireless router not working?

since last night my asus wireless router has a yellow light . please help
I recommend doing a hard reset with the router reset button on the back. Then make sure to update to the latest firmware as soon as you run the initial router setup.

Asus routers do fail from time to time, so if a reset doesn't fix the issue there may be permanent damage due to overheating or general hardware failure. In that case you may still be able to get it replaced under warranty if you contact support.
I had the same issue but with yellow light issue it can be hard sometimes. First check your ISP (Internet service provider)

and than reset the router configuration, set up like a new router (password and ssid) and make sure you reboot the router.

That may solve the issue. Thanks
i think this can be fixed please follow the steps-

reset the router by hard reset option of by manual
please type default gateway like type your user name and password and than you can reconfigure the router again . for more help contact asus.technical-care.com . i think
that will solve the issue . thanks
You may need a firmware update to help with connectivity issues. You can check the newest firmware version here to see if your version is outdated:

Reset asus router, there is a little pin hole in the back. With the asus powered on, use a paperclip and push the reset button for 20 seconds then release. Disconnect the blue plug for now. Plug into one of the yellow ports of the ASUS and the other into your PC. Restart your computer and try to connect to the ASUS config page again.
Have you tried disconecting the power to the router, waiting about two minutes (I am not sure how long you need to wait with your router, but two minutes should be enough) and plugging it in again. It seems to "reset" the router.
Factory reset it, if that doesn't work check if anything is wrong, or just restart the modem. It may not be sending a signal to the router correctly.
If problem persists, replace the router

Being a cable internet service, there is a coax line which must be connected to a 'modem'. That modem does the translation from coax to a signal the router can use via the ethernet cable.
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