Jul 13, 2015

What email encryption plug-ins are available for Microsoft Outlook?

Jitter, good question. I agree with Waterman, Galaxkey was a revelation. I've used other 'plug-ins', yes they have a send secure button but that's where te problems started rather than ended. They tend to make it difficult for recipients. Galaxkey is easy end-to-end and I can use it for encryption of any file for secure filesharing, works a brreze with O365, if I come across any issues I'll let you know. Free for personal use but small subscription cost for business use. I like the free space as well so I can avoid dropbox http://www.galaxkey.com/
Try Galaxkey. I have tried Voltage, Egress and also Securemail before, but the easiest to use was Galaxkey. No frills, but does the job pretty good. Individual account is free and you get 10GB of cloud space where files get stored completely secured, better than Dropbox or Boxed
The easiest and lowest cost "free" to use is Galaxkey, by far the one I found who I ever I send too accepts without too much hassle, the other ones I have tried all need you do signup to lengthy web forms and too much drama for me and the recipients I send secure stuff to. So I agree with one of the previous posters, Galaxkey is a good choice. I use it on my iPhone, iPad and PC in outlook it even works on Dropbox so now I feel like I can't easily be spied on :)

I think they charge something for corporate use but have no idea how much.

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Hi Jitter, I use free product called Galaxkey for email encryption and they have a plugin for outlook. Its quite useful as I can send an encrypted email to anyone and they can open it at the other end easily. The best use for me though is encrypting files in the cloud and sharing encrypted files without the need for dropbox or one of the other providers. Check it out www.galaxkey.com
Are you looking for business use? I found cryptshare for outlook pretty good - their new add-in has some very convenient features... https://www.cryptshare.com/en/products/outlook-add-in.html
David has a good answer, but here's a link to the Outlook.com support page in case you need it later:

Most of the modern encryption products offer a Windows-based plug-in for recent Outlook versions. Examples include Virtru, HP/Voltage, AppRiver’s CipherPost, and DataMotion’s SecureMail. These add a “send secure” button in the Outlook toolbar, so when you are ready to send a protected message, you just have to click on this button and the software takes care of the rest of the encryption process. If you are sending a message to someone within your own domain, most systems will also make it easy to decrypt the message. If it is to an external user, they will receive a link to an encrypted message that another click or two will decrypt.
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