Jul 13, 2015

When connecting my personal laptop, which is running Windows 7, to my wireless network I keep getting a “limited access message”. What can I do to resolve this?

Happy to hear you were able to fix it. In general if you run into this sort of issue again there are general troubleshooting steps you can try to fix a wireless issue.
You can utilize the windows troubleshooter which does a number of steps for you such as resetting your ip and restarting you network adapter.
Next disconnecting and reconnecting to the same network.
If those don’t work, whenever possible figure out if the problem is specific to machine or specific to the network. You can do this by connecting to a different network or connecting to another device.
If it the network you want to reboot the router.
If it’s the machine you could try uninstalling and reinstalling the Wireless adapter in device manager, checking for a hard coded ip, proxy settings and so on.
When I made attempted to troubleshoot. The problem has been resolved for now by way of reseting the wireless connection for Dell Inspiron.
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