Oct 06, 2011

Has Steve Jobs had any impact on corporate IT, or have the results of his work solely affected the consumer computer market?

For all the nice wishes that the technorati have expressed towards Steve Jobs on his passing, I can't think of a single thing that the corporate world has gained from his work at Apple. The GUI came from Xerox / PARC, along with the mouse; Frauenhoffer led the music industry into the digital age by developing the MP3 codec; Palm was first to integrate the PDA with the cellphone with a web browser. The Macintosh ushered in popular use of the 3.5" floppy drive, and the iMac showed it the door. Has there been anything that Apple has created or invented that will show lasting change in the IT industry?


I tend to agree with Riffin here. Apple has always seem to be more focused on the consumer and education markets rather than the corporate market. There's nothing wrong with that, they've certainly been HUGELY successful. But it doesn't lend itself to them having a real impact on the IT world. 


I think perhaps the iPhone and maybe iPad are two devices that have sort of infiltrated the IT world a bit though. I suspect they are probably more prevalent than Macs at a lot of companies, and understandable so. 


Can we count OSX as the friendliest, most successful desktop-grade UNIX? Linux has made headways into corporate America, but OSX? Notsomuch. Aside from the arts (graphic arts, video & music production), Macs don't seem to be very popular. And MS Office seems to work better under Windows, which is yet another reason why Windows is more dominant on corporate pc's -- that and because of the price. How could Apple ever hope to impact corporate IT when their values (selling shiny widgets to people who are willing to pay 30% extra) oppose the traditional value of IT (getting the most bang for the buck)?

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