Jul 10, 2015

What does the July 2015 update add to Google Sheets, Docs and Slides?

Google doesn’t update its productivity suite, in fact, the July 2015 update was the first one this year. I use Google Docs and Sheets all the time (Slides, not so much), and for the most part am pretty happy with the software. I still don’t think they are as good as Word or Excel, but they generally get the job done. Is there a changelog available that shows what this updated adds, changes or removes?

"First up, Google will now offer quick access to editing titles for documents, spreadsheets, and presentations directly from the app’s overflow menu in the top right corner of the UI across all three apps (as pictured above).

In addition, the Google Slides Android app gains the ability to switch layouts of existing slides: individuals can now change the layout of an existing slide to one of several predefined layouts, allowing them to update presentations on mobile more effectively.

Lastly, the Docs app get improved collaboration features for those using the Office Compatibility Mode..."
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