Jul 10, 2015

How does a Bitdefender Box improve network security?

Would a Bitdefender Box really do anything to improve security that isn’t already taken care of by my firewall and antivirus software?
After installing Bitdefender Client on the network stations you may notice a minor computer slowdown, specific to all real-time scanning security solutions. However this mentioned slowdown should not render the computer unusable (complete freeze), nor should it dramatically impact the overall computer performance.
In such cases or if the computer is slowed down more than expected or just to reduce the slowing degree, you may consider the following:thanx
I reviewed the Box for Tom's hardware and wasn't impressed with it -- it has a number of definite flaws and assumes that you haven't changed your default router settings which is just bad security practice. See the review here:
The following article provides some answers. The bit defender box and desktop agents combined should provide an anti virus replacement for all your devices.

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