Jul 09, 2015

Is it worth getting an ethernet adapter for Chromecast?

Google just released an ethernet adapter for Chromecast. Apparently, it’s pretty popular. It was only released a few days ago and the Google Store is already showing it out of stock. I use my Chromecast quite a lot - I even use it when I’m working from home from time to time. It’s kind of neat to put together a spreadsheet on a 50’ screen. I do notice iffy performance with it from time to time, mostly things like stuttering video or the very occasional dropped connection. Would an ethernet adapter be worth getting to improve the performance of a Chromecast?
If your wifi strength is not great or connection is spotty then absolutely the Ethernet will help. Keep in mind that a lot of home routers give less bandwidth to wifi then Ethernet connection to the speed drops, but it depends on what router and service you have. Considering the low cost I would give the adapter a shot if you aren’t in need of mobility. Take a look at the link below, it outlines the main differences between Ethernet and wifi connections at home and might help with the decision.
Google just needs to implement wifi direct in their products.
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