Jul 09, 2015

How serious is the risk caused by the security firm Hacking Team being breached?

Hacking Team is an Italian company that sells security software, and they were recently struck by, er, hackers. It appears that along with lots of emails and other communications, software code was also stolen during the breach. Hacking Team was selling their security software to governments and law enforcement, so I think it is safe to presume it was pretty advanced. What kind of risk does this software being out there “in the wild” pose for companies and individuals?
It certainly seems significant to me, given that they managed to break Bitcoin secrecy:

Hacking Team broke Bitcoin secrecy by targeting crucial wallet file

"The wallet.dat file contains a user’s private keys, so when combined with the public transactions posted to the blockchain, Bitcoin’s shroud of secrecy is removed. In short, the attacker gets the keys to the kingdom.

That’s very close to what American federal authorities did to prove that Ross Ulbricht’s Bitcoin transactions were the same as Dread Pirate Roberts’ transactions. The biggest difference is that the FBI didn’t need to digitally infiltrate a computer in that case—they had physically seized Ulbricht's device, still running, during an infamous raid at the San Francisco library."
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