Jul 08, 2015

What do I need to do to keep my laptop battery healthy?

I just had to replace a battery on an older laptop, and I was surprised at how expensive it was. It almost was enough for me to decide to just trashbin the laptop altogether. In the interest of avoiding this expense in the future, or at least delaying it for a while, are there any best practices to prevent laptops batteries last longer and avoid premature replacement?
Some main preventative measures are not leaving the battery continuously charging, let it drain periodically. Don’t keep the laptop running, turn it off overnight. Also try not to expose your laptop/battery to extreme temps, both overheating and extreme cold are bad for the battery, do try not to leave a laptop in the car and avoid putting your laptop on soft surfaces that overheat easily.
There are many other tips such as dimming the display, conditioning a battery when you just get it by letting it fully discharge a couple of times, cleaning the connectors, etc…
How to Take Care of Your Laptop Battery the Right Way

"You probably know a few tricks for extending your laptop's battery life—whether it's dimming the screen or switching off Wi-Fi—but there are plenty of other ways you can and should look after its long-term health too. Here's how to get the most juice out of your laptop by following just a few simple rules.

Every laptop battery degrades over time, but you can help to make sure it stays in fine fettle to a ripe old age by heeding the advice we've laid out below. With some care and attention you can make sure your laptop needs replacing before its battery does."
9 Tips for Longer Laptop Battery Life

"We've all been there. You're in a meeting, or on the road, or in a classroom, and you find, to your horror, that your laptop is nearly dead. Maybe you forgot your power adapter, maybe there isn't an available outlet. For whatever reason, your battery power is dwindling, and you still have stuff to get done. Hope is not lost, however. There are some things you can do to buy more time on that almost-dead battery so you can meet a deadline or respond to an important email before it's too late.

Some of these techniques are for when you need to stretch your battery at that very moment, while others are preventative measures, best implemented before your battery life comes up short. There is some of overlap between the short- and long-term strategies we'll outline below, but even when the actions are the same, the reasons behind it may be different."
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