Jul 08, 2015

How to determine which websites or apps are using the most battery on a Chromebook?

With mobile devices it is usually pretty easy to check to see what apps are impacting your battery life the most. Is there a similar function with Chromebooks? I’ve found myself using my Chromebook most of the time instead of my Windows laptop, and I can almost make it through an entire day on a charge...almost, but not quite. I’ve decreased my screen brightness as much as I can without it seeming too dark, so I’ve already picked the low hanging fruit. If I can tell what websites or apps (which are for the most part are really websites) are using the most battery power, I might be able to eek out an entire day.
If you’re finding that your Chromebook battery is emptying quickly there are tools to help.

Chrome OS has a semi-hidden feature that lets you see just how much power your favorite apps and visited websites are using.


Sveta has a good answer, but here's a link to the Chromebook support page in case you need it later:

There should be and option in Settings, under Device section click the Battery button. This will give you a breakout of how much battery power is being used by pages and applications.
Also take a look at a few more tips on saving the battery life such as disabling Bluetooth and unused processes. http://www.pcworld.com/article/2908899/tested-6-tips-to-extend-your-chromebooks-battery-life.html
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