Oct 04, 2011

How to prepare enterprise applications for the iTunes store

I'm a developer working in a large company and want to upload a new enterprise iOS app to iTunes. What must I consider (legal and administrative) to ensure our product launch goes without a hitch?

Hi rhager,

Here's some additional information from Apple on distributing enterprise applications:




If you're developing an IOS app for use in your enterprise, and not for sale to the general marketplace, your legal and administrative burdens are far less than they would be otherwise - you probably won't even need to get your company's litigation staff involved.  First you'll need to register for the IOS Developer Enterprise Program, then Apple will send you more information about how to distribute your app across your company.







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I'm also working on a feature article about mobile apps developers and how they go about setting up their businesses. Sounds like you're familiar with the process. Would you be willing to share some insights with ITworld readers? You can email me directly at cnerney@nerney.net. Look forward to hearing from you.


Chris Nerney

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