Jul 07, 2015

What's the biggest resume mistake?

What's the biggest mistake an IT professional can make on his/her resume?
Not being truthful about why you left your last job.
10 resume mistakes that turn off employers

"There is no such thing as a perfect resume. This is particularly true when changing industries, functionalities, or upgrading a job role. Career transitions require a higher-level targeted approach. The best resume, employers say, is the one that portrays the candidate as a solution-provider. Prove you can make their problems go away and you'll get hired."
Stretching the truth. But let’s dive into this a bit more. An old but relevant study for HR professionals found that more than half of the people questioned don’t tell the truth on their resumes. I know, you aren’t shocked. Some of the lies were fairly predictable, such as changing employment dates, job titles, or faking your educational degrees.

Certainly lying should be avoided. A good reason can be found with the notable case of Scott Thompson, the former CEO of Yahoo, who had to leave his job after an activist shareholder firm alleged that he’d lied about his college degree. The allegations turned out to be true: Rather than the dual degree in accounting and computer science that Thompson claimed he’d earned from Stonehill College, he’d obtained “just” the accounting degree. Oops.

But you don’t have to be considered for the top job to still mess up. Your resume lies could persist in your job and could trip you up when it comes time to be assigned to a project that you claimed expertise but don’t really have. Do you really want to keep lying to your co-workers long after you are hired?

Think about why you are tempted: are you uncomfortable about how you left your last job? Did you not get along with your boss? If so, find someone else you worked with whom you had a better relationship and who can evaluate your achievements in a better light.

Also, look at what are the gaps in your resume and how you can best market yourself around them, or start thinking about getting training or volunteering for particular projects that can help you fill these gaps so you will be more attractive in the next position.

As the US News reporter says, “No potential employer expects you to be perfect. And if they won't hire you because of the truth, it's not the right role for you.”
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