Jul 07, 2015

How to recover photos from lost mobile phone?

Want to recover my photos from my lost mobile device it's a huawei
I had a Samsung Galaxy s3mini it is destroyed with no battery I bought a droid maxx how can I get pictures an videos transfered from s3 to droid maxx
do you know if they were on an sd card or anything.

They always say when you delete something it's not actually deleted but in my experience unless you are paying someone alot it's hard to really recover all the data you want on your own.

but let me know your phone and we can go from there
Since this was an Android phone, it should be easy, assuming that you had the phone connected to your Google account AND you had backup and sync enabled.

If you did have auto-backup and sync enabled, you should be able to just go to https://photos.google.com/ and login using your Google account. All of your photos should be there.

If you didn't have backup turned on, I'm afraid the photos may be lost. Good luck.

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