Jul 07, 2015

What impact does quick charging have on battery life?

Some Android devices such as the Nexus 6 and the Moto X are shipping with a “quick charging” capability built in. I’ve used it before and it is pretty impressive at regaining a decent amount of battery charge in a short time, but the battery seems to get pretty warm during charging. With the Nexus 6 for example, the battery is not easily replaceable. I’m concerned that using quick charge is trading some convenience now for shorter battery life.
Quick charge shouldn’t decrease the battery life
Along with the official Qualcomm claim found this post which nicely summarizes it
“ On QC's website, they have done extensive testing (done by UL) and have built temperature monitoring software into their new chipsets that communicates with the charger and adjusts accordingly. I believe that when our phones do get hot due to Turbocharging, which is a Motorola re-brand for QuickCharge 2.0, it has been tested to not harm our phones or the battery within them.”
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