Jul 06, 2015

How do I prove that my android phone was hacked?

Your Phone Has Been Hacked. Here's What You Need to Know.

"One big sign is that your device starts acting strangely. People get really in tune with their devices, for example, they know how often they need to plug in and recharge the battery. If it feels like something is weird about the device, it could be some malicious program running in the background. Unfortunately, most people can’t see what is going on over the network. If you were a security researcher or a digital forensics person you would hook your device up to a WiFi network that you controlled, and you would watch the traffic your device is sending. You’d question suspicious behavior Why is my phone sending my address book to an IP address in China? Or why are my GPS coordinates constantly being updated to these overseas websites?"
I saw a video circulating on the internet about Samsung phones (i.e. any Galaxy) having a layer of plastic that includes a circuit board inside wrapped around the device battery. The plastic layer is found just underneath the label of the battery (where you see the Samsung logo). Unwrap this and then un-stick the plastic layer with the circuit board.

People have said that this plastic serves for nothing (the phone works perfectly without it) and that it is used to eavesdrop people.

I am not sure who to believe but better be safe than sorry.
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