Jul 05, 2015

How to select a wireless charger for an Android device?

I just got my first Android phone that has wireless charging capability built-in. What should I look for when I’m buying a wireless charger? A quick look shows that they vary pretty significantly in price, and I’m curious if there is any reason to get a more expensive model or if they are basically all the same.
You want to make sure that you get one with multiple charging coils. I've used early Qi standard chargers with a single coil as well as newer, three coil designs. The multi-coil designs make it much easier to just put your phone down on the charger and have it work, whereas the older single coil chargers required some attention to make sure that you had the phone contact the charger on its "sweet spot." There isn't a lot of difference in price, maybe $10, so make sure to check the specs before you buy.
I have an official Samsung 2A charger with an official Samsung USB cable attached to an official Samsung wireless charger.
Amazon has a bunch of them available:


You might want to browse through the ones that interest you, then check the user reviews for comments and star ratings. That might help you find the good ones, and then you can make your own choice as to which one would work the best for your Android phone.
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