Jul 05, 2015

Does the WiFi Sense feature in Windows 10 pose a security risk?

Microsoft has included a feature in Windows 10 to make it easier and, they claim more secure to share WiFi access with visitors. However, some people are claiming that this feature poses a security risk. What risks could be created by this feature that don’t already exists when I share my WiFi password with guests?
UH OH: Windows 10 will share your Wi-Fi key with your friends' friends

"...if a computer is connected to a protected Wi-Fi network, it must know the key. And if the computer knows the key, a determined user or hacker will be able to find it within the system and use it to log into the network with full access.

In theory, someone who wanted access to your company network could befriend an employee or two, and drive into the office car park to be in range, and then gain access to the wireless network. Some basic protections, specifically ones that safeguard against people sharing their passwords, should prevent this."
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