Jul 01, 2015

How to restore emails into OST file without any data loss in Microsoft Outlook 2016 ?

If you want to restore OST file of Exchange Server then you can take help of Scanost.exe Technique. This technique is also capable for restoring outlook user OST file. Search on Google and on in other search engine for this and restore OST file back.
You can recover mail stored in an OST, provided that you have not tried to modify the profile that was used to create the OST file. If the profile used to create the OST file has been modified to point to a new mailbox, the information contained in the OST file may be lost.

Steps to Recover

If you have not modified your profile or attempted to log on to the new mailbox, use the following steps to copy the offline messages to a PST:
Start the Exchange Client OFFLINE.
On the Tools menu, click Services.
Click Add.
Add a Personal Folders (PST) service.
Select the messages that you want to copy.
On the File menu, click Copy.
In the Copy to dialog box, select the personal folders (PST) that you created in step 4.
Click OK.
Repeat steps 5 through 8 for each folder that contains messages.
At this point, the messages are copied to a PST. You can create a new profile and you can log on to the new server-based mailbox. After you complete this successfully, you can add a Personal Folders service (by referencing the PST created above), and you can copy the messages from the PST back to the server-based mailbox.
In Win7 and 8 the file is located under C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook
Close out of Outlook and like CertDenied said delete the file and reopen outlook.
CertDenied has a good answer, but here's a link to Microsoft's Outlook help page in case you need it:

You might find this response from beachyhbt on computing.net helpful:

"OST is just that. It's offline storage. If it's corrupt/missing data, just delete the file. The next time you open Outlook, and it's connected to Exchange, all the folders will synchronize."
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