Oct 03, 2011

My notebook screen keeps turning dark but the computer doesn't shut down.

I have a Toshiba A105 notebook running Windows Vista SP2 and the screen keeps going dark randomly and won't come back on until after I let it rest for a half hour. The computer isn't shutting down, so I don't think it's a heat issue. Any suggestions? I'm running the latest NVIDIA drivers.

I suggest contacting Toshiba tech support on this and possibly sending it in for repairs or replacement. And make sure you backup all your important data. If it is a heat issue then you really want to get it taken care before you a system failure.

If you're running the latest drivers, and the fan is still running, it's not shutting down, but perhaps it's getting hotter on the inside than the components can handle? But continuing to power the fan is a sign that it's still trying to keep cool. If you're comfortable taking apart your notebook, you may want to reseat the cooling mechanism(s) on your cpu and/or video chips. It's possible that a component is loose and you may need to clean off the thermal paste (isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swap works well before re-applying. Make certain that you do not use too much, because spilling it could be hazardous to your motherboard.

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