Jun 26, 2015

How important is Linus Torvald to Linux at this stage?

Obviously Torvald was critical in the first few years of Linux, but some might say, what have you done for me lately, Linus? I’m not putting him down in any way, but it’s pretty well accepted that he has a bit of a prickly personality. Is Torvald still critical to Linux, or has it gotten to the point where its creator is no longer central to its success?
Funny enough, there was a recent ITworld article, "Will Linux Survive the Death of Linus Torvalds?" Short answer according to Altair (and some of the comments cited in the article): Yep.

Think about it. The Linux Foundation has been around for what now, two decades? The Foundation will not disappear if something happens to Torvalds. Linux is also the core of Android, which is used by millions of people around the world, and has the backing of Google, one of the most resource rich companies in the world. The OS has grown beyond one person at this point, and in fact the majority of work done on Linux is no longer directly done by Torvalds. I do think he is still important to Linux, but not in a vital way any longer. It's like having a child; once it has been born and nurtured, there comes a point where the child is no longer dependent on the parent for survival. That is where Linux is now.

Almost forgot...link to the article: http://www.itworld.com/article/2937024/linux/will-linux-survive-the-death-of-linus-torvalds.html
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