Jun 24, 2015

How do I transfer music from a PC to an iPhone 6?


Thanks for sharing, actually I know a way to sync music from PC to iPhone for free, but you can only get music from the local disk, not the purchased music from iTunes, it is not that tough, all you need is to make use of your browser, and then connect your device with your PC. And there, you can realize the transfer process. http://airmore.com/music-from-pc-to-iphone-6.html

1. Plug your iPhone 6 (Plus) into your computer with a USB cord. Your computer will automatically recognize your iPhone and will launch iTunes.
2. Click on the iPhone logo under "Devices" on the left-hand side of the screen in iTunes.
3. Click on the "Music" tab.
4.Choose "Entire Music Library" to put all of your music from iTunes to your iPhone 6 (Plus); Choose "Selected Playlists, Artists, and Genres" to add certain artists or playlists to your iPhone 6 (Plus).
5. Click on the "Sync" button.
however, it may erase your existing music while syncing, you can try some iTunes alternative like AnyTrans, copyTrans, etc.
You can transfer data from your computer to your iPhone by using iTunes on your computer.

Download iTunes > Add music > Connect your iPhone > Click in iTunes on your iPhone > Tab music > Check music you want > Sync. Either select to sync all music or select the playlists you want on the phone. Then click on Apply and Sync.

When it comes to syncing music to iPhone 6, you will still need to use iTunes as the first choice. After adding music to iTunes library, the music files will be shown in the library. At this moment, you can check out whether the music files are recognized by iTunes. If iTunes cannot recognize the music files, then it will not sync the music files to your iPhone. If the music files can be transferred to your iPhone, but are not playable, you need to check whether a red circle is beside each song. If the circle appears, you can remove all the music files from your iTunes library, and add the music files to the library again, then re-sync them with iPhone.
Just download and install iTunes on your PC:

Download iTunes > Add music > Connect your iPhone > Click in iTunes on your iPhone > Tab music > Check music you want > Sync.

You might also want to download the iPhone user guide from Apple. It has lots of useful info in it.
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