Jun 24, 2015

Why my acer laptop won't connect to wireless ?

my acer laptop is not connecting my wireless router for some reason but it does connect to wired internet
this can be solved . first check your wireless router
1. check your wireless password
2. check your wireless driver and update it and run a proper virus scan . if its not working than you can reset the laptop for more help visit http://acer.technical-care.com/. i hope this may help thanks
You should check your wireless driver and your wireless router settings.If its still not working you should contact any technician whop can help you.
Check your wireless of laptop is on or off then restart your laptop.
that worked
It could be due to a number of reasons. Do you get any specific error message when you try to connect? Is the wifi switch on the laptop turned off? Try running windows troubleshooter, and restarting the router.
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