Jun 21, 2015

Is an @aol.com email address inappropriate to use on a resume?

I see @aol.com email addresses every so often and it's hard not to draw certain conclusions about the person who uses this domain. Thoughts?
I don't think it matters. Use whatever email address you want to use. If a company is going to judge you solely based on your email address then it's probably not a company you want to work for anyway.
Your email address says a lot about to you prospective employers. It tells you what you consider important, what part of the world or country you are from, and how old you think of yourself and how comfortable you are with technology. The best email addresses are ones that use your own domain name, such as my own strom.com as an example. These days you can get very inexpensive domains from a number of providers, and they usually come with several email addresses included.

First off, you certainly shouldn’t use your current employer’s email on your resume, I think we can all understand that. By all means, steer clear of AOL.com, Hotmail.com, and Yahoo.com. There is no need to make use of these domains when you can get your own. Also, avoid email names that would reflect politics, sex, or religious views. And keep the names short and to the point, without referencing “wildparty” or “greatguy” or whatever other values that you are better off keeping to yourself.

Shorter is also better: You want to be comfortable with it, and to have something that is easy for someone to hear and understand over the phone, since you are going to be telling many people what it is.

Finally, have a friend look over your choice and make sure there is nothing unintentional about your choice of address: one of my favorites in this latter category is a woman from Kentucky who chose KYgirl@domain.com not realizing what else she was saying about her identity.

Take some time to think about the right choice for your email identity; it could stay with you for many years to come even after your current job search is over.
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