Jun 21, 2015

How do I add a security focus to my resume?

David has a good answer for this.
Will the latest security breaches happening and being profiled in the news, it might be time to review your own resume and see if there are ways you can highlight or call out particular projects that can demonstrate your prowess in this area. A recent article in Dice offers some practical advice.
• Database coders can stress how they hid plaintext passwords on SQL queries or set up protective measures against SQL injection.
• Application engineers can cite testing and deployment of privilege elevation software.
• Operations engineers can talk about how they built in two-factor authentication into one of their systems
• Help desk technicians can cite how they added security specifics into the ticketing system.
• Desktop support engineers can show how they’ve physically locked down PCs, such as by employing hard drive encryption.
I am sure you can think of a lot of other examples. The key takeaway here is to be able to explain how security was important to a particular task or project that you were working on, and how your role was critical in deploying a particular security technology. It is a good suggestion, and one that should help in your job search.
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