Jun 20, 2015

What was the biggest news out of E3 2015?

This wasn’t a console debut year, so we didn’t get THAT level of excitement, but it’s still probably the most important trade show in the industry. What were the most important announcements/developments out of E3 this year?
As someone who has been gaming for a long time, the announcements of Senmue 3 and a Final Fantasy VII remake were happy times. I'm really looking forward to both of these.

Overall, I'd say the most important development in the long term is how close VR is to reaching consumers. Oculus Rift continues its slow march towards production, and we also saw Sony's Morpheus VR in what looks to be near production form. There were some basic games running on it that showed how immersive VR could be. It will be 2016 before it reaches the market, and it remains to be seen how affordable VR headsets will be, but it could be an important development that will change the way people, er, view, interactive entertainment in the near future.
E3 2015: five days in LA that left gamers stunned

"After two years of somewhat disappointing game launches, this year’s E3 delivered some breathtaking game reveals. Bethesda’s opening event last Sunday showcased astonishingly good-looking forthcoming titles such as Fallout 4 – to be released on 10 November – and Doom 4. At Sony’s showpiece, punctuated by a mightily raucous crowd, the company won over legions of gamers by announcing that it would remake Final Fantasy VII (one of the most iconic games of all time), and that there would be a new game in the Shenmue franchise, a hugely acclaimed cult Sega series that has not been seen since 2001.

In between the two, Xbox’s conference was the best show the company has put on. Its headline announcement – that Xbox One would now be fully backwards compatible with Xbox 360 – could be a major selling point for the console. But there was also a stream of wonderful games on display, not least a new Gears of War, plus the return of influential UK games developer Rare with a new pirate title, Sea of Thieves."
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