Jun 19, 2015

Can you help me with career advice?

I am from Banglore. I received my B.tech computer science in 2009. I've been out of the tech field for awhile, but would like to get back in. What options are there, and what kind of experience and training is required?
Check Simply Hired, Dice and other job sites to see what's out there and what the qualification requirements are for the jobs that interest you.
what you wanna do ?
Have you gained any experience since you got your degree in 2009? That's a long time to be out of the labor market. Perhaps some refresher courses would help get you current and make you more marketable to potential employers. Identify what you would like to do, then maybe you could look into getting a certification or two that are related to that area. If you are just trying to decide on "something," look at job postings in your local market and see what is in demand and which of those in demand positions you are qualified for.

Good luck!
Vip, What kinds of jobs are you interested in?
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