Sep 29, 2011

What are the top three things that have influenced /changed the security industry the most over the last few years?

It could be technology, trends, other...

I think that folks are beginning to take identity theft more seriously, especially when it comes to social media like Facebook, etc.

Also, the need for strong passwords has become much more important to users. Too many people have been hacked because of very weak passwords.

Companies have also learned that they have to take customer data security much more seriously. Failure to do so could result in data theft and subsequent lawsuits by customers.
One, AOL and Microsoft have had success breaking spammers and botnets, making the internet more safe.

Two, the rise of personal oversharing on Facebook, Twitter, etc. has made it easier for identity thieves to steal your ID and for employers to fire employees for actions they engage in on their own time. It has also made companies more vulnerable to employees engaging in bad security practices.

Three, Fake Antivirus programs are more popular than spam-based infections. The Russian mob would rather have your credit card information than destroy your computer.

1) Microsoft is now taking security seriously, and they've made substantial changes to their key products, including purchasing products to fill in gaps in their product lineup. When Microsoft focused on security, that threw down the gauntlet to 3rd-party providers who have created a wide variety of tools which have a widely-varying ability to protect their customers. Microsoft's products generally work as described, raising the bar that other software developers must meet.


2) Wifi vendors are helping their customers to employ better Wifi security by setting WPA2 password protection right out of the box, rather than shipping devices with unlocked WEP protection. This means businesses and consumers are being more restrictive of who can get onto their Wifi network from the get-go.


3) Threats are greater now than they have ever been. Examples are the hacking of certificate authorities, financial institutions, and the Sony Playstation network. Coupled with the popularity of hacking groups like Anonymous and Lulzsec, organizations need to be more careful about security than they needed to in the past.

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