Jun 18, 2015

How does Google Cloud Storage Nearline differ from other cloud storage options offered by Google?

What does Google Cloud Storage Nearline, a new offering from Google, do differently from the other cloud storage options already offered by the company?
Urd has a good answer for this.
PCworld had an article recently that did a good job of explaining Google's Cloud Storage Nearline offering. In a nutshell, it's a cheaper option that makes some sacrifice in retrieval speed.

From the article:
"The Google Cloud Storage Nearline offers enterprises an alternative to running in-house storage systems, or startups with mobile apps a way to store user data.

Google has partnered with a number of enterprise storage system providers, including NetApp and Symantec, to make Nearline available through their products.

Google Cloud Storage Nearline stores data in the cloud for US$0.01 per GB per month, making it less costly than Google’s standard storage price of $0.026 per GB per month. It’s also less expensive than many other cloud storage services.

The service is not designed to serve data as quickly as Google’s standard service, but rather provide a cloud-based alternative to backup services that keep data offline, said Tom Kershaw, director of product management.

Google promises that the data can be retrieved within about three seconds, making the service suitable for enterprise backups, and even for live applications that do not require extremely low latency."
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