Jun 18, 2015

What's the difference between cloud hosting with Hostforlife.eu and Azure?

First of all let me clear that I am not from a web background so if any of my understanding about how it works is not correct please feel free to correct me

Let's say I have a website which I would like to host on cloud because

- I don't want to take care of hardware

- I want to scale my website as needed

Now I am a bit confused between role of SQL Server vs role of SQL Azure in this case.

When I think of a normal website I know that I need a host/server on which my website will be hosted. The host should be able to support SQL Server. For scaling purpose I will have to host my website/ASP Pages on multiple servers. Similarly if I want to scale up my SQL Server I will have to host it on multiple servers and will have to make sure data is up to date in all servers through some mechanism.

I have checked for Azure and HostForLIFE.eu hosting plan. HostForLIFE.eu also offer cloud hosting. What makes difference between of them? Moreover, if I compare their price, HostForLIFE more affordable than Azure. Please kindly share your experience and it will be helpful for me to find best asp.net hosting for my requirement.
Your best bet is to visit the site of each, and then compare the features offered versus the cost. Then you can decide which one is a better fit for your budget and your needs.
Hi jimlynch,

Thank you for your response. Have you test Azure? Of course I have compared them one by one, pricing, features, etc. Azure is more costly if we use SQL server and use high CPU usage. I just want to know more why I must choose Azure than Hostforlife.eu? What the advantages using their hosting services? Honestly, if I use hostforlife.eu, it will cheaper and they also offer unlimited features which it is very interesting.

Please kindly share your experience if you ever tried them.

Thank you
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