Jun 17, 2015

How to keep Samsung devices safe after keyboard security issue revealed?

What can people do to minimize or eliminate risks caused by the keyboard security flaw that was recently uncovered? Apparently the flaw makes it possible for users to be spied on...and I don’t want to be spied on!
Here’s how the breach can happen per SwiftKey’s statement, so if you use secured network you should be ok. Also Samsung is planning to release a security update to fix the issue in the next few days.
“The vulnerability in question is not easy to exploit: a user must be connected to a compromised network (such as a spoofed public Wi-Fi network), where a hacker with the right tools has specifically intended to gain access to their device. This access is then only possible if the user’s keyboard is conducting a language update at that specific time, while connected to the compromised network.”
The official Samsung statement with advice and explanation: http://global.samsungtomorrow.com/information-regarding-the-keyboard-security-issue-and-our-device-policy-update/

""To reduce your risk, avoid insecure Wi-Fi networks, use a different mobile device and contact your carrier for patch information and timing," NowSecure said in its report."
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