Jun 16, 2015

Is agile development past its prime?

Agile development has been around for more than a decade, and there is a lot of debate as to what it really means and who is actually using it. The definitive surveys by VersionOne, an agile tools company, continue to show a rise in its popularity from year to year, as you might expect from such a source.

But then there is Andy Hunt, one of the originators of the concept of agile development, who has written that for many programmers, agile has lost its way in a recent blog post.

He claims that many people don’t really understand the entirety of the agile processes and tend to follow only a few select concepts anyway. Many people say they are doing agile when they really aren’t. Certainly, there are still many people doing collaborative programming of some kind, whether it be called agile, pair programming, scrums, or something else.

What is clear is that if you code by yourself in isolation, you are probably not very marketable in today’s best programming practice. Whatever you call it, collaborative techniques are here to stay.
I think that very much depends on the type of organization you are developing for and the "flavor" of Agile you practice. Very few development teams or companies practice follow the exact same Agile practices. Many go through the ceremonies sure, but over and over you find that "Agile" means many different things to many different development teams. So I don't think a framework as adaptable as that is past its prime per se. But certainly anyone's implementation of it could have outlived its usefulness.
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