Jun 16, 2015

How to keep cloud data secure?

What are some steps companies should take to help ensure that their data stays secure in the cloud?
I use TrueCrypt to create a container and then I put sensitive files in that container. When the container is closed or "unmounted" it becomes encrypted. You can use TrueCrypt to mount the container and thus decrypt the files. All your family members would have to know the password. You can share the container anyway you wish. I like Dropbox because it uploads any changes made inside the container automatically when you unmount. I like TrueCrypt because its free and can be installed on any operating system.
If you are looking for a very secure cloud you service you should look into getting Logicworks. My company has been using Logicworks' managed cloud hosting services for awhile now and I am very please with their reliability and security. You can check them out at http://www.logicworks.net
5 Tips to Keep Your Data Secure on the Cloud

"1. Avoid storing sensitive information in the cloud.
2. Read the user agreement to find out how your cloud service storage works.
3. Be serious about passwords.
4. Encrypt.
5. Use an encrypted cloud service."
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