Jun 13, 2015

Asus laptop won't connect to wireless network.

my asus laptop won't connect to wireless. please help
i think if it is windows 10 than follow instruction given below by mikki.
but for windows 7 i would say restore rthe computer that would solve the issue
Please install WLAN driver in your laptop then check that sure it works.
Go into the settings and search device manager. click on network adapters and then click on the adapter that is your wireless wifi. go over to driver and uninstall it. Finally right click on network adapters and click search for network adapters. it should automatically install it back. Or troubleshoot your wifi.
Go to your wifi settings and connect ! Hope this helps!
The network adapters button disappeared when I uninstalled it
You didn't explain it is not connecting with specific wireless network or any wireless network. Restart your computer and delete some cookies and junks and restart it again. If it is still not connecting try to troubleshoot the problem otherwise contact with any technician.
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