Jun 12, 2015

Why is Asus laptop sound not working?

why my asus laptop sound is not working all of the sudden
1 hour ago
hello ,
please update the sound driver and check for sound settings and than restart the computer . if this does not work try uninstalling and installing sound driver and for more steps visit blog http://bit.ly/2fbeu0e and see if this fix the problem . thanks you
check the sound driver and make sure its updated . if it does not work restore the computer .
I can't help you directly, but here's a link to the Asus support site:

If sound is not working then update the diver and restart your computer.
1- Check to make sure that you haven't hit the Mute function key by accident. It may be F11 (or close to it)

2- This could the problem with the sound settings or the driver's issue. Try to uninstall the audio driver and then install it again. If you need help with finding the correct drivers, Right click the My Computer icon on the Desktop, select Manage, select Device Manager under Computer Management from the left pane, then expand Sound, video and game controllers from right pane. Right click the Device listed under Sound, video and game controllers, click properties, go to the Details tab, and then select Device Instance Id from the drop down list. Make a note of this Device Instance ID.
If this doesn't fix the issue, try running the diagnostic tests provided by the manufacturer on the sound card.

Do reply with results.
Check your wifi should be on.If it is on check your wifi troubleshooting and go to troubleshoot the problem.
check in your device manager and verify the status of your audio device. Unistall and Reinstall your audio driver and see what you get then. Also, attach some external speakers and see if you still have sound.
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