Jun 12, 2015

How do I block pop ups and ads in my dell laptop?

recently i am having lot of pop ups and untrusted ads which is freezing my dell laptop . how do i get rid of these pop ups and ads in my dell laptop
friends i had the same issue with windows(O.S) just remove all unwanted toolbars and unwanted softwares and than check for virus and malware . make sure you remove any unwanted 3rd party program before you run antivirus. get the windows updated for more contact windows http://goo.gl/cQqCDb and i am sure this will help
hello ,
dell is most trusted brand . i so would suggest you to remove ad extension and untrusted bars and make sure you reset your browser. and remove the unwanted programs from computer . thanks this may help thanks
Try uBlock, that should do it for you.

Download Google Chrome browse, it will automatically block all pop-up's. Or Download malwarebytes and superantispyware and scan your whole system with both of those programs until it comes up with no results and is clean. I highly recommend installing an antivirus software program.
some programs you have installed intentionally or unwittingly you should uninstall that program if you are not using. turn on the free Windows Defender or if you have any antivirus then scan your full computer. and also delete junk and temporary files.
Hope this helps! Do reply with results.
Delete junk files and temporary files from your computer and restart it. Scan your computer with any antivirus. It will start working fine.
You've got malware. Run Reason Core Security. Paste the log here. Let it do its cleaning thing. Let me know if the popups go away. If not, we can clean manually, once I have the log.
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