Jun 12, 2015

How to dispose of old cell phones in an environmentally friendly way?

Over the years I've accumulated a number of old cell phones, some broken, some just out of date. How can I get rid of them in an environmentally friendly way? I don't want to just toss them in the trash and my town doesn't have an electronics recycling program.
Cell Phones for Soldiers might be a good way of doing it:


"Cell Phones for Soldiers Fast Facts:
Since 2004, Cell Phones for Soldiers...

Have provided more than 213 million minutes of free talk time
Mails approximately 3,000 calling cards each week
Recycled more than 11.6 million cell phones, reducing the impact on landfills
July 2012 launched Helping Heroes Home, to provide emergency funds for returning veterans to alleviate communication challenges as well as physical, emotional and assimilation hardships.
Since July 2012, Helping Heroes Home has assisted more than 2,700 veterans and their families with emergency funding.
Has remained a family-run, nonprofit organization operated almost exclusively by Bob, Gail, Brittany, Robbie and Courtney Bergquist."
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