Jun 09, 2015

How to use Google’s Location Aware Search?

Google tweeted today about a new, unannounced search function called location aware search. What does it do, and how do you use it?
Location Aware Search lets you ask Google about places around you

"Though Google has yet to make a formal announcement, the company showed off a new feature for voice search on Android at an event in Paris. Called Location Aware Search, the feature clues search in on your location, allowing you to ask non-specific questions about nearby landmarks, such as "what is the name of this church" if you happen to be standing near one.

With the ability to ask about a place without naming it, one of the most obvious advantages of the feature is exploring unfamiliar locales. However, it's useful for other things as well, such as asking what a nearby restaurant's phone number is or when it opens."
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