Jun 08, 2015

What is wrong with YouTube channel on Wii!

I need help. I'm still haven't gotten a next gen console and mostly use my original Wii. Especially the Youtube channel. But recently I can't do anything. If I'm signed into the channel with my Youtube Account with will show me no panels but my own account panel. And from there it will show me no video related options. So I can't watch any of the list I've made on Youtube or visit the channels of anyone I follow with my Acc. It will only give me choices if log out my Acc but then I still can't go to my list or visit anyones channels other than suggested channels. So if anyone knows the answer to the problem can you please help me?
You need to sign in with your gmail id into your youtube website.After that you would be able to comment on any video.
I can't help you directly, but here's a link to the YouTube Wii support page:

I have a Wii as well as next gen consoles, and continue to use my Wii occasionally. The YouTube channel on the Wii has always been dodgy. For instance, trying to fast forward or rewind a video has never worked for me. There is a thread on Google dating back over a year with people having issues with the Wii YouTube Channel, and while it got better, it was never really fixed completely. It doesn't help that Nintendo killed updates and online services for the Wii a mere 6-7 months after the Wii U was released, so it is, unlike the X360 and PS3, an abandoned platform.

That said, I just started my Wii and went on YouTube. I could see all of the channels I am subscribed to, but when I tried to watch videos, it would hang at the advert and never load the desired video. If there wasn't an ad, they would work after a 15 second delay or so.

The best I can do is offer a fairly lame suggestion: you can try to delete the channel, then reinstall it again from the Wii Shop channel. Make sure to go into settings and delete all the save data as well and not just the channel.
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