Jun 05, 2015

What's a good replacement for Yahoo Pipes?

I need something to manipulate the content of individual items, filter out some items and then aggregate the remaining items from multiple RSS feeds all into one new feed.

For example, I want to take the Computerworld, ITWorld and InfoWorld RSS feeds, add the appropriate @TwitterHandle to each item, filter out items with certain text, then combine the results into a new feed. Yahoo Pipes is great for this, but the service is ending in September. So far, I can't find anything else that has enough sophistication to accomplish the goal.
I'm not very familiar with Yahoo Pipes, but as a former Google Reader user I feel your pain. It is easy to get used to having a service and depending on it, only to be reminded that nothing in the world is permanent.

I checked around a little, and none of the people near me at the office use Yahoo Pipes either, so the best I can do is point you to a discussion on Quora about this topic. Some of the alternatives suggested were CloudWork (suggested by a co-founder of the company, to be fair) and Quadrigram. I haven't personally used either, so I can say much good or ill about them.

Here's a link to the discussion on Quora. It seems pretty active, so maybe some good ideas will percolate up. https://www.quora.com/Do-you-know-about-good-alternative-to-Yahoo-Pipes
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