Jun 04, 2015

How is SIP trunking different from PRI in a VoIP telephone system?

While looking at a VoIP telephone system, one thing I’m not clear on is the difference between SIP trunking and PRI. They are both ways to connect to the PSTN, right? Do they do it differently? Are there any advantages to one versus the other, or are they just two ways of doing the same thing?
"PRI, seen by many as an older alternative to the more modern SIP, is also based on the use of T1 lines, though telephone circuits not in place may need to be installed. Monthly rates and calling fees are often higher than with SIP, but PRI does allow the addition of large numbers of voicelines at once (i.e., 23 at a time, compared to only 1 SIP at a given time), an attractive option for large businesses. But traditional PRI does tend to cost many businesses more due to its older technology and equipment needs. It also does not include new popular features available with SIP, like IM-call screening and third-party interfacing."
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