Jun 02, 2015

How do I make sure my family can access my Google Drive data after I die?

Not that I have any plans for it to be an issue anytime soon, but Is there a way to make sure that my family can access all of my data in Google Drive if something happens to me? I suppose that I could just give out my account name and password, but I’d rather keep that to myself.
As jimlynch says, securely storing your password is probably the most lightweight option, but Google will also work with immediate family members with verifiable documentation, and provides an Inactive Account Manager for you to set how long your account data is kept. https://support.google.com/accounts/contact/deceased
Having just gone through the Inactive Account Manager myself, I discovered that you can also set a trusted person to have access to your data from certain products or your entire account after your account has been inactive (default is 3 months).
This seems like a reasonable way to approach it. Personally, if I haven't accessed my Google account in 3 months, something is wrong. This seems like a good balance so that access for family members can be straightforward while still protecting the account holder's privacy.
Perhaps you could put the password and user ID someplace where they'd find it after your passing? Maybe in a safe or some other type of place? That's probably your best bet.
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