Jun 02, 2015

Should I wait on a new version of the PS4 or buy the current version?

There are rumours that Sony is going to announce a revised PS4 with a 1TB hard drive at E3 this year. I’ve been seriously considering getting a PS4 since The Witcher came out, but now I’m wondering whether to wait on the new version or go ahead and get the current one. With the PS3, the second version that Sony released was better in some ways (more reliable, lower power consumption, quieter fan) and worse in others (fewer inputs, no PS2 backwards compatibility), so I don’t automatically assume newer is always better. Is it worth waiting just for the larger hard drive, or is that not a big deal?
It might be a little cheaper to get the new one, depending on how much, if any, Sony raises the price of the revised PS4 with more storage. The new one will have a 1TB HDD (or at least there will be a 1TB option), but it’s already very easy to replace the current model's 500GB drive with a 1TB drive. That upgrade will add about $60 to the cost of the console, so a current PS4 upgraded to a 1TB HDD will cost you ~$460.

Aside from the much needed additional storage, the new version of the PS4 will use slightly less power, with the power supply changing from 250W to 230W, and be slightly lighter, for what that's worth.

What I’d really love to see is longer controller life, and the ability to easily add an external HDD.
It depends on how much want it. If you can handle the wait then get the next version, but if you need it right now then go out and buy it. It all depends on you.
The newest version might be better I think.
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