May 29, 2015

Why am I getting insufficient storage to download error on Android device with 2GB free space?

Iam using micromax mobile .....when i tried to download an app from playstore it is saying that "there is insufficient storage on the device" ....even i have 2 gb free space ...
How large of an app were you trying to download? There are some pretty large apps on the Play store.

You might have a lot of storage being taken up by the cache for already installed apps. Try either manually going through and clearing the cache for each app through settings, or just install a small app that will do it for you. I've used App Cache Cleaner and Cache Clear, they both work fine.

App Cache Cleaner:

Cache Clear:
I can't help you directly, but here's a link to the Android support site in case there's information there that you can use:
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