May 29, 2015

What are the main advantages of a hybrid cloud versus public cloud?

What would be some reasons that a company might choose a hybrid cloud solution over public cloud?
Two major reasons: Performance & redundancy.
1) A hybrid cloud configured properly can allow local users to use in-house hosted cloud services instead of utilizing services from the remote provider -- improving performance.
2) Hybrid clouds can provide a backup in case a cloud provider (AWS, Azure, Google, etc.) suffers a massive outage. This is a scenario that has already happened, and will almost certainly happen again in the future:
Each cloud storage option discussed here has its pros and cons. Public clouds have high scalability, but often lag in performance. Private clouds generally have high reliability, but limited scalability. And hybrid clouds might offer the in-house control that some companies are looking for, but also tend to cost more. Depending on your specific needs, the size of your environment, and your budget, one of these cloud storage options is bound to be a good fit for your organization.
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