May 27, 2015

What percentage of companies will miss the end of life deadline for WS2K3?

Are there any figures out there on how many businesses anticipate that they will not be migrated off Windows Server 2003 in time to meet the EOL deadline?
I'm not sure about in the US, but a recent UK survey showed that "...a surprising amount of companies remain unprepared for the end of support, with more than one third set to miss the deadline, despite responding that there are plans to upgrade. Meanwhile, more than half of UK companies plan to continue running WS2K3 after the deadline, with nearly a quarter of these companies failing any plans for compensating controls."
The exact number of companies isn't known, but security firm Bit9 estimates about 2.7 million servers will still be deployed post-EOL and 3 in 10 enterprises plan to keep running the servers.
None that I know of, but you may want to try a search for them. Also, I don't think anybody can probably know how many will since individual migration progress will vary from company to company.
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