May 27, 2015

How to stop Facebook Messenger from recording and sharing my location?

I wasn’t aware that Facebook Messenger recorded my location, apparently very accurately, each time I use it to send a message. How can I stop this from happening. I don’t really want Facebook to know whether I’m sending my texts from the bedroom or bathroom each time I use it.
Pilgrim has the right answer for this.
You weren't kidding when you said Facebook could tell which room you were in when texting, according to a ComputerWorld article, locations recorded are as accurate as 3 feet.

You can turn off location sharing, though. Tap the little location icon (an arrow looking thingy) for each message that you don't want to share your location. It will turn grey when the function is off. Also, according to Facebook, you have to enable location services for the app on your phone for it to work.
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