May 26, 2015

How much expertise is required to do a relatively simple server migration?

A friend of mine has a small business that only has primary and backup domain servers. Her IT guy is a part-timer who seems pretty sharp, but he only has a couple years of experience. With Windows Server 2003 support about to end, she needs to migrate to a newer edition. How difficult of a task is this?
It depends on the apps being used on that server. Server 2012 is a fairly comprehensive OS. You're talking about an operating system with virtualization and the cloud built into the design and the PowerShell often referred to as an OS within an OS. So I think learning 2012 will be the greatest challenge, unless the 2003 server is running a lot of old, out of date apps.

It's hard to answer without knowing what apps you are running.
The Windows Server 2003 migration page has some helpful information:
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