May 25, 2015

What options other than Windows Server are there for companies migrating off Windows Server 2003?

Other than new editions of Windows Server, what additional options are there for companies that are migrating off WS2003? Are there any better choices?
6 Open Source Alternatives for Windows Server

"Microsoft, the well known software developer and world leader in Operating Systems, offers users solutions for servers in the form of the dedicated OS called Windows Server. A few months back, when Microsoft unveiled Windows 8, we also saw the server version of this OS, Windows 8 Server.

Although Microsoft offers very useful tools for server management, their products sometimes cost quite a lot, and therefore, administrators are looking for cheaper solutions to run their servers. These alternatives are open source operating systems designed for servers and they are free or cost less than a Windows based server OS, thus, making them a very profitable solution."
Well, you can go to a cloud provider like IBM Softlayer or Amazon, but that would mean putting everything in the public cloud.

The other choice is Linux. That would depend entirely on what you are doing on the WS2003 boxes. If it's file and print or simple database, you can do it fairly easily. If you are using a highly vertical Windows app not found on Linux, things become more challenging. You ability to move will depend on the degree of Windows apps you use and if there are Linux equivalents. If you have a lot of home grown apps, you will have a real challenge ahead of you.
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